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Van Life Essentials 2022 survey goes live

Van Life Essentials Survey

Van Life Matters has officially launched its widely anticipated Van Life Essentials 2022 survey.

The user survey invites campervan and motorhome owners to reveal their must-have campervan gadgets, motorhome accessories and camping equipment.

While the survey remains open throughout the year, results are published in a quarterly reports to help motorhome owners make informed decisions about what camping equipment they need and which are the best options on the market.

Van Life Matters editor, Yvonne Sutcliffe said: “Supported by the UK’s Van Life community and closely monitored by the big brands that manufacturer and supply motorhome equipment and services, your responses will not only help others find get what they need for their adventure but will also help shape the next generation of campervan essentials.

“Be it a new camping lantern with impressive light distribution and battery life, a campervan heater you’ve had installed which has proved to be invaluable during the the autumn and winter months or a trusted motorhome security device which allows you to sleep at night, we want to know what tops your Van Life Essentials list and why.”

The Van Life Essentials survey will remain open all year with a results report published every quarter.

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