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Maypole launches new smart battery chargers

Maypole has added four new electronic smart chargers to its range, offering more choice and value for money.

MP7426 is a fully automatic 6A smart charger suitable for vehicles up to 4L and with 12V lead acid, AGM and GEL batteries with a capacity of 1.2 to 150Ah. 

With similar functionality to one of its best sellers, the MP7428 8A smart charger, it is also suitable for stop/start vehicles.

MP7215 is lightweight, compact and full of great features, as well as being suitable for heavy duty lead acid, AGM and GEL batteries up to 400Ah capacity.

It has a 20A boost charge option, making it ideal for workshops or home DIY use.

The charger also has a 13.6V 7A power supply outlet providing a constant stable voltage, which is useful for maintaining a car battery during diagnostics and software updates.

Available for Winter 2021, Maypole has announced two brand new products; a battery monitor and a 4A smart battery charger, both with Bluetooth functionality.

Via a free to download app for Android or iPhone, the MP7432 smart battery monitor allows the user to remotely monitor battery health to prevent breakdowns and maximise battery performance. 

The app stores historical data on the status and charging cycles of the battery so the user can quickly appraise its condition over time.

The MP7431 offers all the usual features of a 4A smart battery charger but via the same app as the battery monitor, users can view the charging progress or change charge modes. 

If both products are purchased together, the clever design allows the battery to be charged by the charger without having to disconnect the battery monitor.

Suitable for lead acid, AGM, GEL and Lithium-Ion batteries, both products and app are easy to use and the Bluetooth range is up to 25m, so a user can check their battery health without having to raise their bonnet.

The products are available in modern display packaging, ideal for any retail environment and will be available for the Autumn and Winter season. 

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